Product Description

This sale is for a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Kit, this kit includes everything you need to install and set up your new filtration system- tank not included.

At the center of the system, The R.O. membrane allows hydrogen and oxygen to pass through its microscopic pores. Dissolved solids, too small to have been caught by the prefilter, are now removed from the water and flushed to the drain.

Larger particles, such as silt, rust and scale, are removed by the prefilter. This extends the life of your system and allows the semipermeable membrane to attack smaller particles.

Carbon Cartridges
Carbon cartridges are manufactured with high purity Coconut Shell activated carbon. Available in wide range of lengths, diameters, and micron ratings our carbon blocks provide and exceptional cost-top performance value. With high chlorine reduction, great dirt holding capacity, and greatly reduced carbon fines, you will soon make our carbon block your choice

Final Polish
Water flows from the membrane to a holding tank, which stores the clean water until you turn on your faucet, But before the water is dispensed it flows through one more state of filtration. An activated carbon filter removes any remaining taste and odors, delivering to you only the freshest, cleanest water possible.

Fast Recovery
The Fast Recovery System refills your tank quickly, producing enough water for all your needs.

Residential Applications
Drinking water, ice cubes, baby formulas, auto batteries, cooking water, steam irons, humidifiers, weight loss diets, soups and sauces, low sodium diets, Juices, Coffee, tea, Aquariums, Pets, and Plants.

For peace of mind, your reverse osmosis system is NSF/WQA certified.

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